The Causes Of Hot Flashes In Men | About Hot Flashes In Men

Many men question if male menopause and hot flashes in men are factual or if they are simply internet rumors. Well, the answer is yes and no. Men do not go through a phase were their bodies change in such a way that they can no longer reproduce yet men do experience changes in their hormones and even hot flashes.

When analyzed, it was concluded that the occurrence of hot flashes in men is mainly because of the lowering levels of testosterone hormone with age which cause the hypothalamus to overheat. This heat then needs to be ejected from the body forcing the blood vessels to expand. The body resists this heat and tries to remain cool which ultimately results in a cool and clammy sweat.

Male flashes are generally caused by the very same things that cause the menopausal symptoms in women, namely hormonal fluctuations. Just as in women, male hot flashes can also be caused by the side effect from some prescription drugs which they may be taking for another unrelated health problem.

Infections such as endocarditis, which is the inflammation of the heart valvesl HIV/AIDS, which is the infection of the body's immune system; abscesses, which are the inflammation of the tonsils, boils, or infection of the appendix or osteomyelitis, which is an infection within the bones, are also probable causes of hot flushes or night sweats. These conditions should be attended to immediately by a medical specialist.

Physical exercise helps control this problem and it is also vital to keep a tab on the food which we eat. The doctors conducting research on this disorder have analyzed that every men experiences this symptom at some stages in his life, but it is always necessary and mandatory to get the guidance of professionals and keep in mind that are millions of men all over the world who suffer from this problem.

Men having problem with their prostate,like prostate cancer, receive hormone deprivation therapy. 80% of the men receiving this therapy suffer from hot flashes. The men with milder hot flashes may be able to manage them with modifications of their lifestyle. For severe cases hormone therapy is not an option, as the testosterone levels are being reduced to arrest prostate cancer.

Decreasing hormone production by the ovaries could be the cause of hot flashes. Hormones can be produced by the adrenals and can be synthesized from fat cells. Researchers have been unable to find a clear connection between hormones and hot flashes.

It doesn't matter what you call it, the fact remains that the typical man beyond 65 years of age continues to be capable of reproduction. However in most cases, this same person has experienced a decrease in his amount of testosterone. There might be several explanations for this phenomenon. It may be a residual symptom from prostate cancer treatment. But, generally, the majority of men experience flashes simply because they are growing older.

Vitamin E is a proven remedy for hot flashes. One study supporting vitamin E is from the University of Iran, published in "Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation" in 2007. 400 IU of vitamin E in a softgel cap was given to the participants daily for four weeks. A diary was used to measure hot flashes before the study and at the end.

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