Aging Skin | Aging Skin Care Tips

As women age their skin changes and the makeup they wore when they were young is very different from the makeup for aging skin needed when they are older. There are no magic lotions to make them feel or look years younger but there are certainly ways to use skincare and makeup for aging skin.

The reason for all of this is pretty simple to understand. The skin's layers become thinner with age. The production of new cells and fibers slows down. Some of the common cosmetic products on the market contribute to the problem.

If you ask a cosmetic surgeon, they will recommend the treatments that they offer. You have to remember that these professionals are in the business of making money.

If an aged woman applies well chosen make-up then she can look even 10 to 15 years younger than her present age. First of all make up adds color to the pale skin of the aging woman. It makes the skin to looks as young as it was 10 years ago.

Many dermatologists suggest switching to gentler cleansing products that won't strip away natural oils, because over-40 skin starts to dry out. Skin care experts also suggest that over-40 women massage their faces gently for 60 seconds when cleansing.

Although mineral oil is good for dry skin, it is not at all meant as a treatment for aging skin. This is because it covers the skin completely and prevents it from breathing. As a result, the skin becomes sagged and premature wrinkles are formed.

When you're applying your eye makeup or any eye creams, don't pull at the corner of your eyes. This will stretch out the skin around your eyes and cause it to sag.You do not have to wash your face frequently when you are getting older. Oiliness and acne are generally not the problem they were earlier. Frequent washing with soap is very drying, but warm water alone can do a wonderful job. Do be sure to remove your makeup before you go to bed.

Here's one idea you may not have heard. Your moisturizing cream will soak into your skin better if your skin is slightly moist and warm. A great time to apply skin care creams is right after you get out of the shower. Lightly pat your face dry, but don't get it too dry.

When applying your makeup, make sure that you are using clean hands and brushes. Germs and bacteria on your hands are not good for your skin. Be sure to moisturize thoroughly, as well. Some makeup may dry out your skin and make you look older and having that moisturizing barrier for your skin will do wonders.Finally, a well applied make up highly boosts the confidence of a woman. Once the woman has the make up on her face she feels automatically smarter and more beautiful than ever.

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