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Gastritis can be either acute or chronic. Acute gastritis is when the inflammation of the stomach lining occurs suddenly and is severe. Chronic gastritis is when the condition develops gradually and an individual may have chronic gastritis for years without experiencing any symptoms.

Gastritis, a condition that involves the irritation and inflammation of the stomach, afflicts millions of people. Any number of things causes it, from injury to bacteria. In that respect, it is a kind to a headache: It can strike anyone, and it can be caused by a wide variety of factors both internal and external, but what is gastritis exactly

An inflammation of the stomach lining, gastritis is usually signaled by indigestion, either with or without bleeding in the digestive tract. Acute gastritis, often develops when people are subjected to sudden stress, such as from extensive burns or other severe injury or illness; it may also develop after surgery, leading to stress ulcers and severe intestinal bleeding.

The various causes of gastritis are unhealthy eating habits, improper diets, excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine, stress, pain, depression, side effects of some drugs and sorrow. Intake of junk food items have become a common reason for gastritis these days. Also one should avoid intake of food prepared in adulterated oil and in unhygienic conditions as it can directly lead to gastritis problem in body.

You can treat the gastritis with the help of allopathic medicines or with alternative gastritis treatments that are natural and easy on the body. There are many who believe that gastritis can be treated by taking a controlled diet conducive to gastritis.

While many cases of gastritis are caused by the H. pylori bacterium, which attacks the stomach lining, a lot of gastritis patients are the victim of something that actually belongs in the system: stomach acid. There are a number of gastritis treatments available, which one depends on the type of gastritis.

So in order to know whether gastritis is truly what ails you, it is necessary to see a doctor and have him or her perform tests to arrive at a definitive diagnosis. There are a few different tests your doctor might run, or he or she might run some combination of them.

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