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Stretch: Don’t strain
Pain in the shoulders and neck is common. It could be persistent, too. Keeping the shoulder-neck complex healthy is important because any load to the shoulder muscles also affects the neck muscles. This problem is very common in people who spend long hours in front of the computer. Long working hours and mental stress also contribute to shoulder-neck strain. Here are a few stretches that help relax the shoulder complex and the neck. If you have a history of shoulder dislocation, consult your doctor before you do these.
Keep a chair in front.
Lie prone and stretch arms forward.
Rest the forearm on the lower rib of the chair.
Straighten the arms and relax the neck.
Stay for about 30 seconds with slow deep breathing.
Flex the elbows and relax the arms on the floor.
If this is comfortable, stretch the arms forward and upward; rest the wrist on the edge of the seat and press the palms on the chair.
Stretch the arms thoroughly from the base of the shoulder joint and relax the neck muscles.
Stay for 30-60 seconds.
Relax the arms and repeat.
Try to hold the top of the back rest and repeat.
Sensitise the rib cage to slow deep breathing. Feel the stretch in the arms and the passive traction in the neck. With every breathing, feel the impact on the muscles of the lower back and the fibrous tissue enclosing the muscles of the thoracic and lumbar regions.
A good stretch for the arms, shoulder complex and upper chest.

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