Myths and Facts

  • Avoid getting stressed about conceiving. Stress is directly proportional to fertility and ovulation. So the more you stress, the less likely you are to conceive.
  • It’s a myth-that you won’t have the stamina to deal with a child when you are 30 plus.
  • Your basic metabolism rate (BMR) will only start to fall after 35. There is only a marginal dip in stamina when you hit 30.
  • You need to be calm to conceive, and also need to keep your BMR up. Practice yoga. Do pranayam bhasthika and kapalbhati. These asanas keep BMR up. Do cardiovascular exercises.
  • Eat food that is carbohydrates; food that breaks down slowly in the body and creates more energy over a longer period of time.
  • Eat proteins. Muscle mass comprises protein, which helps you achieve higher BMR.
  • When you become a mother, don’t neglect yourself. Indulge in activities you like. A Happy woman is a happy mom.
  • Meditate to keep stress levels down.
  • If you have trouble conceiving, go to fertility specialist don’t listen to friends.
  • Several medical options can help you conceive after 35. So don’t fret
  • Consult a good gynecologist and have faith in him / her.

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